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andythehedgehog's News

Posted by andythehedgehog - November 24th, 2008

See ya in 3 days. Poozy, keep doin' your job, you unstoppable beast.

Posted by andythehedgehog - November 17th, 2008

It can go and rot in a pile of shit.

Posted by andythehedgehog - November 15th, 2008

I'm tired. That is all. And Toy Story is awesome.

Posted by andythehedgehog - September 20th, 2008

Okay, I'm actually pissed about this one. I'm not sure what the old thread was though. I need an answer unknown mod (poozy) EDIT:NEVR IS THE MOD.

Posted by andythehedgehog - August 25th, 2008

+1 post count is an invalid post. invalid like your face,your mom,your fashionable trousers,and your golden mod level background! i never really post that much,so i dont really care. again,love ya poozy,keep moddin it up!

Posted by andythehedgehog - January 13th, 2008

this is kinda funny,i posted in the infamous "random kid" thread and got banned,i had no idea it was soft locked by bbr. boy,do i feel stupid...kinda funny though! (if you were expecting a rant or me bitching about getting banned,please say so,ill keep count)

people expecting rant:1

people expecting me crying like a baby:

Posted by andythehedgehog - January 7th, 2008

great,i missed my 600th bbs post this time! im even on my 604th post!(twilight zone theme)

Posted by andythehedgehog - December 28th, 2007

right now, i got a black DS lite. i cant play it yet cause its really cold (it gets like that in michigan). when i warms up, you wont see my butt back on this god forsaken site for hours!

Posted by andythehedgehog - December 19th, 2007

we all know about runescape and we all know about maplestory. we all have our own ideas about whch one is better. here are some reasons why maplestory is better than runescape.

1.you dont have to pay for the whole game: even though it takes a long-ass time to download the only thing you have to pay for is the nexxon cash. in runescape you have to pay for a members subscription, and you're ound to get bored after about 2 months, maybe less.

2.easier controls: in maple story you use an nes style form of move ment, with the arrow keys to move and other keys to do other things. in runescape you have to click everywhere and you always get stuck behind things

ill update this later...

Posted by andythehedgehog - December 10th, 2007

im level 10! i have a bit more voting power than i did at level nine! and i also got scout on b/p rank. they should rename b/p ranks to bastard ranks.