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Twilight X Grub fanfic

Posted by andythehedgehog - June 14th, 2010

Pumpin these out like a champ

Grub's dick was large and brown,like a toblerone. And like a toblerone getting shoved in his pooper,it hurt. Twilight screamed,crying, but getting a sick pleasure from it, "This is better than the holocaust!" he yelled. His pain made Grub harder, from 7 to 8 inches, "Good thing I had Gory suck all the shit out of your ass or this would be messy" Grub sn****red. He reached around,grabbing twi's 3 incher,had to pinch it between a finger and thumb,his whole hand would've squeezed the life out of it, the life and the cum. Didn't matter, as soon as he touched it, cum started leaking. "God you are a fucking lightweight!" Said Grub,taking his chocolate love log out of Twilights butt and sticking it in his mouth. "You can't play the guitar worth shit, let's see you play the rusty trombone!"

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Is that really you? You look younger than 16.

Go fuck yourself, aspie.

well i'll be

a 7 year old writing dirty fan fic's...

Yeah you look like an eleven year old in drag, no offense.

you look 12

Man you look young. Must be taking shit from the fountain of youth.

No one like you. I still remember what went down in Transformice all those months ago.

What went down?

how can an 8 year old even dream about saying that?

You're not funny, you fucking 10 year old faggot.

you dont look 15


Your sonic x cosmic chase review was the most hilarious review out of all the comments. "You know what happened in three fucking years?" priceless, however it is unfair to compare one artist flash to multi billion dollar film company(pixar) just sayin.

I put you in my fanfic because you're a Jew.

That's just terrible. Just terrrrrrrible.

Fuck dude, you've got problems.

i liked it

why the fuck is this still a thing

because i cant bring myself to delete this account